Thanks to generous contributions from our local community and beyond, we offer an outstanding selection of goods, services and experiences! 

Shindigs and select auction items (noted with a BUY IT NOW price) can be purchased now, without attending the event. Our Shindigs are made for sharing! Share this website with friends and family, make your plans, then give us a call--or hope your item is still available at the auction!  If you wish to make a pre-event purchase, please call Morgan Coffey at 805-563-3377 extension 2 by Thursday, April 19th.

Shareable Shindigs - buy a spot for yourself, your friends...or purchase the whole shindig to share an exceptional experience!

Some of our 2017 premier auction items:

We gratefully accept donations of goods, services and professional instruction as well as the use of private properties - we love to combine items into unique experiences

auction donors receive excellent exposure and acknowledgement!